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LogisticCare’s Smart StorageUnits

Solution for Improving Logistical Efficiency – Automatic, Computerized Stations for Storage & Distribution

LogisticCare’s Smart StorageUnits

Allocation of selective user permissions

Remote management of distribution

Smart, automated inventory management

If you feel the time has come to streamline logical processes and are looking for an effective way of managing inventory, optimize the manufacturing floor, or cut costs, our innovative solution is for you!


LogisticCare, developed by ONO, is a smart unit for the storage & distribution of a wide range of equipment and products. Using LogisticCare gives you the ability to maximize the productivity of your employees, significantly reduce operational costs, and increase profits.

A Solution for Improving Logistical Efficiency – All Industries

LogisticCare provides tracked storage & distribution of a wide range of products and equipment and is a smart solution for any organization interested in saving, streamlining, and keeping a finger on the pulse.
Factories (in any industry)
Hospitals, medical clinics, and emergency services
Storage facilities
Safety and security companies
Car garages and importers
Banking and insurance companies
Universities and colleges
Technology companies
Transportation companies (by land, air, and sea)

Automatic Storage & Distribution for All Types of Products

Very small items such as electronic components or ampoules
Medium-size items such as gloves, cables, items of clothing, spray bottles, or computer accessories
Larger, heavier items such as computers or containers of oil
Exceptionally heavy items of up to 39 kilo
Items requiring temperature control (to keep items cold)

How LogisticCare Streamlines Process and Gives You Peace of Mind ?

Our smart stations shorten distribution processes and increase efficiency. LogisticCare units allow employees to obtain equipment and supplies quickly and easily, using an employee card. The process takes a few seconds and allows workers to continue working without any unnecessary delays.

Optimize your use of space with units that can be customized to match the shape of the available area, thereby freeing up space for other purposes. LogisticCare units are designed to be maximally space efficient.

Determine who receives which types of equipment, track activity, and generate reports – all remotely. You can manage users, determine permissions, or define limitations – providing selective authorization for specific departments or users. Keep your finger on the pulse with our innovative solution that gives you all of the information you need about how many products have been used, provides a view of user history, and issues reports using a variety of filters.

Save precious work time and cut costs with easy and intuitive self-service stations that dispense equipment in just a few seconds. Our inventory management system helps you manage inventory by automatically issuing alerts when stock is low – and sending orders to vendors to ensure products are always available. The system can be fully integrated with your organization’s existing ERP system.

IT, medicine, the security industry, insurance companies, food manufacturers, and more. It really does not matter whichh industry you are in – LogisticCare’s smart stations are an ideal way to improve logistical efficiency. Whether you need medical equipment, disposable supplies for the manufacturing floor, or office supplies – and whether it’s a question of dispensing computer accessories, or perishable items requiring temperature control – we adapt each unit to meet the needs of our customers.

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