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Smart, Automated Stations for Dispensing Disposable Equipment and Supplies

Smart, Automated Stations for Dispensing Disposable Equipment and Supplies
Increases efficiency of the supply chain on the manufacturing floor
Provides significant savings in the cost of material and equipment
Offers monitoring, tracking, and control – remotely

LogisticCare stations for the automated, computerized storage & distribution of disposable supplies are designed to make the supply chain that reaches the manufacturing floor more efficient – while significantly reducing the cost of materials. Our smart stations can be used to dispense glue, tape, syringes, brushes, sandpaper, Teflon, sealing materials, measuring instruments, oils, paints, and more.

What are the advantages of using our smart, automated solution?

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A variety of storage options can be used within the units, including elevator systems, drawers, tubes, and refrigerated units – so that units are adapted to meet each customer’s needs

The user interface provides a touch screen for quick dispensation of a combination of items – or a digital code in order to dispense a single item

The system is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing advanced management, monitoring and tracking capabilities

Why is LogisticCare the ideal solution for you?

An advanced system for comprehensive management
User management that supports different levels of user authorization and tracks usage
Identification of users by means of the employee card that is already in use in the factory
Report generation based on employee name, employee number, item description, item number, date of distribution, department, and more
Comprehensive monitoring and tracking for managers – with remote control capabilities
25% to 50% immediate savings in the cost of supplies stored in the station
Continuous availability of supplies and ability to refill equipment 24/7
Customizable user interface to meet the customer’s needs – including ability to attribute the distribution of a particular item to specific employment directives

What does our system include?

Design and adjustment of the station to meet each customer’s needs
Turnkey solution that includes delivery, installation, instruction, initial set-up, configuration of the Internet connection, setting up the database on the server, etc.
Comprehensive customer support and full warranty
Computerized, IoT-based management system for tracking inventory and monitoring the activities of users at each station

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