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Service and support

ONO is the only company in Israel that provides stations based on the most advanced automation systems in the world, combining artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for logistical efficiency!

שירות ותמיכה

We provide the highest level of customer support – with highly experienced field technicians, professional technicians who provide phone support, and an electronic laboratory.
Our customer support maintains the highest standards and ensures the professionalism and quality of all of our equipment. Our work is in accordance with: ISO9000.


You can reach our support team by phone at +972-3-550-0111 or by email at: support@ono.co.il

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the possible size range of the items in the automatic station?
Almost any item can be issued. Small as earplugs or even larger than a shoebox.
Can the automatic station handle delicate and fragile items?
Of course. Almost any type of item can be issued - delicate and fragile, heavy or light, large or small.
Where do you provide service in Israel?
Our service is provided throughout the country, from the northern areas to the south.
What is your service availability?
We ensure to provide the service within 24 hours of the service call. In many cases the service is provided at the same day.
Is it possible to issue items that require refrigeration?
Certainly. The automatic station can combine refrigerated items up to 4°C / 39°F amongst other items.
What is the issuance method?
Items can be issued in a variety of methods: magnetic employee card reading, proximity cards, barcode scanning, touch screen and more.
How big is the automatic station?
The size of the automatic station is determined according to the quantity of items to be issued and according to the customer's requirements. Sizes range from one small vending machine to 7 large machines that are combined together and contain up to 500 different types of items.
What is the communication method of the automatic station?
The automatic stations can communicate via a wired connection or alternatively on a wireless cellular basis.
The method of communication is determined according to the customer's requirements and the infrastructure of the installation site.
Is ot possible to get a branded station?
Of course. All stations can be branded by the customer's willing. The branding can be done both on the metal sides of the vending machines and on the front glass.
Where are the automatic stations manufactured?
Some of the automatic stations are made in Israel and others in the US.
After production, all the parts of the system are assembled together in Israel, by to the spesific design made for each customer, and shiped to the site of use.
Do you provide user guidance before use?
Yes. After installation of a new automatic station we provide instructions and demonstrations to all relevant users.
Alongside this, there are short and clear instructional videos that can be watched at any time.

In addition, if any training is needed in the future, you can always contact our customer service to make an appointment.
Do you integrate into logistics management systems and work with the Information Systems Department?
Yes, we do. All issuance and inventory data from our station are automatically updated in the logistics management system and the information systems department of the customer.
Do you also supply the equipment provided within the station?
No. We provide the automatic supply station itself, but not the equipment within it.
Each customer can choose whether to manage their equipment inventory themselves or through equipment suppliers.
How can I conact your customer service and technical support?
In any case of malfunction you can contact our customer service by phone or email.
If possible, a support representative will guide the user on the phone or by email in order to resolve the problem immediately.
If needed, a technician will be sent within 24 hours.
Is it possible to review a functioning station before I decide to order one myself?
Of course it is possible. Stations of all kinds are located in our firm's HQ, in order to provide live demonstrations.
Visits can be arranged through our customer service.
Additionally, video illustrations are available at all times.
Who are your current customers?
Our range of customers is wide and includes small and large companies nationwide and worldwide, including industrial factories, high-tech offices, defense industries, government ministries, emergency services (police, EMS, etc.), food companies and more.
Is it a purchase, a leasing or a rental?
It is all possible - purchase, leasing and rental.
Every customer can determine for himself as he wish.
Do you provide a warranty for the station?
We provide service for the automatic station for life - the customer is never alone.
Initially the service will be under a warranty for free and later under a paid service agreement.
Is there a trial period to check the adaptation and savings?
Yes, there is an option to experience the station temporarily before making a decision whether to order it or not.
Is there any regular maintenance required, and if so what does it involve?
Little routine maintenance is required and performed by our technical staff, as part of the warranty and service agreement. The customer is guaranteed constant peace regarding the technical handling of the station.
How are the future savings promised by the automatic station calculated?
Out of many years of experience, we can assess a predicted savings model for each customer interested in a station.
We calculate the model by our experience with other customers of the same line of business and in accordance with the nature of the customer's company.
What are the delivery times for new stations ordered?
Delivery times range from 10 to 60 days from the date of ordering.
Each station is designed and assembled individually according to the needs of each customer, so that the delivery time varies depending on the availability of inventory and the complexity of the project.
Do you provide automatic stations and customer service outside of Israel as well?
Yes, we do. Customers interested in using our services can do so, in or out of Israel.
Our current clients include companies worldwide, as in India, USA, Romania, Philippines, Ukraine and Israel.

Our Advantages


Technological and operational leadership

ONO has been a leader in the field of automatic storage and dispensing stations for 30 years, and establishes projects on a large and small scale, while maintaining uncompromising quality. Thanks to the range of our unique technological capabilities our customers enjoy minimum effort and maximum effectiveness in managing full and users, optimizing the production floor, optimizing working time and maximizing operating costs.

Flexibility and adaptation to customer needs

Our solutions are tailored to the customer's requirements and needs. They can be adapted to dispense the smallest items, such as electronic components and ampoules, through medium-sized items such as gloves, cables, clothing, spray cans and computing accessories, to large and heavy items such as oil tanks, computers and complex assemblies. There is also the option of temperature control (cooling), storage of extra heavy items (up to 40 kg) and more.

Support, service and warranty

To ensure continued work and an uninterrupted operational sequence, ONO provides you with a service and support system that operates throughout the country through a team of professional field technicians who come to you. In addition we provide a repair lab for electronic systems and a mechanical treatment workshop, as required.

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