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Improve Your Logistical Efficiency Automatically & Maximize Saving

Now is the Time to Choose LogisticCare’s Innovative Solution!
Automated, Computerized Storage & Distribution Units That Improve the Logistical Efficiency of Operations and Reduce Costs

Our Smart Storage & Distribution Units Improve Logistical Efficiency – Giving You Peace of Mind and Improving Your Bottom Line

Make Your Team More Efficient
Our computerized storage unit dispenses items automatically, maximizes productivity, and eliminates unnecessary delays.
Get the Most Out of Work Time
Save precious work time and cut costs with easy and intuitive self-service stations that dispense equipment in just a few seconds.
Reduce the Size of Storage Areas
Optimize your use of space with units that can be customized to match the shape of the available area and free up space for other purposes.
Manage and Monitor Remotely
Determine who receives which types of equipment (by department or employee name), track activity and generate reports – all remotely.
Optimize Inventory Management
Our inventory management system automatically issues low inventory alerts – and sends orders to vendors to ensure products are always available.
Reap the Benefits of Using a Customized System
Store & dispense items of different sizes and weights, and products requiring temperature control, in a system adapted to meet your needs.

Which Industries Do We Serve?

Our automatic storage & distribution units for improving logistical efficiency are designed for any industry or sector. Each unit is customized to meet the needs of the customer.
Medical Centers
Storage & Logistics Centers
Security-Related Organizations
Car Importers and Garages
IT Communications
Banking & Insurance
Institutions of Higher Education
Technology Companies
Transportation & Shipping

What Do Our Customers Say?

Our Advantages


We’re a leader in the industry.

ONO has been providing automated storage & distribution services for 30 years. Our solutions integrate technological capabilities that are unparalleled in the field. We have experience with projects of all sizes.

We offer flexible solutions to meet customers’ needs.

ONO offers adaptable units that are customized to meet the specific requirements of each customer. We can adjust the units to match items of different sizes and store and dispense products requiring temperature control.

We provide support, service, and a full warranty.

Our team provides comprehensive support. We have technicians providing support in the field, a team dedicated to development and technical support, mechanical servicing professionals, and an electronic laboratory.

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