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About ONO

ONO’s smart storage & distribution solution leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI)
to provide an advanced system of automation that improves your logistical efficiency.

ONO, a Mister Vend company, has been providing innovative storage & distribution solutions for thirty years.


Using algorithms that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize work processes, our systems for storage & distribution are uniquely designed to improve employee productivity and reduce operational costs.


Our solutions are customized for each of our clients. Our client base includes leading Israeli brands and large-scale organizations such as Intel, the Israel Electric Company, the Israel Airforce Industry, Soltam Professional Cookware, Amdocs, Tnuva Dairy, Magen David Adom (the Israeli Red Cross), and more.


Our Advantages


Technological and operational leadership

ONO has been a leader in the field of automated storage & distribution stations for thirty years. We handle both large and small projects and consistently maintain uncompromising quality. Our unusual range of options and technological capabilities allow our customers to benefit from maximum effectiveness with minimal effort - in managing their stock and their users, optimizing the manufacturing floor, streamlining work process, and saving maximally on the costs of production.

Flexible and adaptable to meet each customer’s needs

Our solutions can be adjusted to facilitate the storage & distribution of items of different sizes: small items such as electronic components; larger items like gloves, cables, items of clothing, spray bottles, and computer accessories; or larger, heavier items such as computers. The systems can also include temperature control (to keep items cold) or can be adjusted for storing very heavy items (up to 39 kilo).

Support, service, and a full warranty

We understand the critical importance of ensuring that operations are never interrupted and provide full service and support. Our technical team is available to assist you on site. In addition, our laboratory fixes electronic systems and provides mechanical servicing.

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