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Smart, Automated Lockers for Mail and Packages Distribution

The Smart Solution for Storing & Distributing Personal Items, Mail, and Package Deliveries – at the Click of a Button

Smart, Automated Lockers for Mail and Packages Distribution
Modular, adaptable locker structure
Smart system for managing users
Self-service interface that’s easy to use

Our automatic locker stations are a smart, effective, monitored, self-service solution for the storage & distribution of items and mail.
The modular locker structure, which can be built to match the size of the items being stored, is ideal for use in offices for the distribution of internal, organizational mail and incoming mail.

What are the advantages of using our automated lockers?

Self-service model allowing users to deposit items at times that are convenient for them
Monitoring system that tracks the entire distribution process – from the moment a locker is assigned, until each item is returned
User-friendly interface with touch screens for independent, easy distribution and pickup
Remote management system for allocating lockers and sending messages to users

What does our system include?

Design and adjustment of the station to meet each customer’s needs
Preparing the station with an inventory of items for starting work
Turnkey solution that includes delivery, installation, instruction, initial set-up, configuration of the Internet connection, setting up a database of information on the server, etc.
Comprehensive customer support and full warranty
Computerized, IoT-based management system for tracking inventory and monitoring the activities of users at each station

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