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Smart, Automated Stations for Monitored Distribution of Drilling & Cutting Tools

Smart, optimal management of available tools
Monitoring and tracking distribution and use - remotely
Dispensing tools quickly and easily with a self-service system

LogisticCare stations are the ideal solution for automated, computerized storage & distribution drilling and cutting tools – optimizing efficiency in using essential equipment and cutting costs.

The stations are appropriate for storing and dispensing engraving tools, drilling equipment, polishing equipment, milling cutters, and more.
The data in the system allows managers to stay up-to-date regarding problems in the machine or about unusually heavy use, and to prevent unnecessary wear & tear on the equipment.

What are the advantages of using our smart, automated solution?

Automatic distribution system that can hold between 1000 and 8000 items.

User interface with a touch screen for dispensing a combination of items – or a digital code in order to dispense a single item.

Ability to dispense large and heavy items.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based system for management, monitoring, and tracking.

Why is LogisticCare the ideal solution for you?

Advanced, comprehensive inventory management – providing notification when items are running low, and generating new orders to re-stock the station
Ability to interface with ERP systems such as SAP, Priority, BAAN, and others
Advanced system for management of users and permissions
User identification using existing employee cards, based on defined permissions and limitations
Report generation based on project, machine, employee name and number, number and description of item, and date of distribution
Remote monitoring and tracking capabilities for managers
Significant, immediate savings in the use of equipment dispensed at the station
Continuous availability of equipment 24/7

What does our system include?

Design and adjustment of the station to meet each customer’s needs
Turnkey solution that includes delivery, installation, instruction, initial set-up, configuration of the Internet connection, setting up the database on the server, etc.
Comprehensive customer support and full warranty
Computerized, IoT-based management system for tracking inventory and monitoring the activities of users at each station

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