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Automated, Computerized Storage & Distribution Points for Computer and IT Equipment

Automated, Computerized Storage & Distribution Points for Computer and IT Equipment
Intuitive, self-service distribution of equipment
Innovative user interface with touch screens
Inventory management integrated with your ERP system

LogisticCare’s stations for smart, automated storage & distribution of computer and IT equipment are the best way to provide employees with an optimal user experience – while simultaneously making work processes more efficient.


Our computerized storage & distribution stations are designed to store keyboards, mice, adaptors, cables, routers, earphones, computers, chargers, and other components.
IT departments in leading technology companies around the world use our smart stations to provide users with an innovative and improved experience.

What are the advantages of using our smart, automated solution?

IT Vending

Storage of a full range of equipment required for the organization – everything from a disk on key to laptop cases and computers.

Interactive touch screen for easy, quick selection of a combination of items at the touch of button.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based management system – with an intuitive dashboard providing easy access to data and report generation based on specific definitions, filters, and segments.

Why is LogisticCare the ideal solution for you?

Self-service storage & distribution using an advanced user interface with touch screens
Improved dispensing experience for employees with storage & distribution stations branded as part of your IT support system, using your own brand language
Inventory management that can be fully integrated with your organization’s ERP system
Advanced system for managing which pieces of equipment each user is permitted to use, and placing limitations on who can access certain types of equipment – for example, by providing Mac equipment for employees that have a Mac, etc.
Full tracking capabilities for team managers
Report generation based on employee name, employee number, item description and number, and distribution date
Reduction in the amount of equipment used
Maximal availability of equipment, with self-service distribution 24/7

What does our system include?

Design and adjustment of the station to meet each customer’s needs
Setting up each station so that it is fully stocked and ready for use
Turnkey solution that includes delivery, installation, instruction, initial set-up, configuration of the Internet connection, setting up the database on the server, etc.
Comprehensive customer support and full warranty
Computerized, IoT-based management system for tracking inventory and monitoring the activities of users at each station
Adapting the look & feel of each station to reflect the customer’s brand language

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