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Smart Stations for Self-Service Distribution of Tools and Equipment

The best way to maximize productivity and reduce costs by making effective use of existing stock

Smart Stations for Self-Service Distribution of Tools and Equipment
Smart, optimal management of stock
Precise tracking of distribution and use
Easy, self-service distribution and return

Our smart, self-service stations for storage, distribution, and return provide the best solution for dispensing tools and equipment, and any supplies that have a defined expiration date – as well as equipment that requires calibration such as communications devices, replacement laptops, electric tools that belong to a specific department, and more.
LogisticCare’s smart stations allow you to use what you have in stock to the maximum, to improve productivity, and to cut costs.

What are the advantages of using our smart, automated solution?

Maximum efficiency in the distribution and return of tools – Our units are designed to support and track the distribution and return of equipment. Dispensing equipment is quick and easy, and it is handled by the employees themselves by using an employee card or by scanning a bar code, and eliminates the need to have a dedicated employee in a storage room managing the distribution of supplies. Our system has a touch screen and is easy and intuitive to use.

Optimal inventory management – Equipment is available 24/7 and eliminates delays, supporting more effective use of work time. Tools that require calibration or items that have an expiry date are returned to designated collections bins – ensuring that company regulations are ensured.

Manage, track, and control – remotely – Determine who receives which types of equipment, track activity, and generate reports – all remotely. You can manage users, determine permissions, or define limitations – providing selective authorization for specific departments or users. Keep your finger on the pulse with our innovative solution that gives you all of the information you need about how many products have been used and precisely when they were returned. Our solution provides a view of user history, and issues reports using a variety of filters including by employee name, employee number, item number and description, and expiration date. It offers advanced, comprehensive inventory management – providing notification when items are running low, and generating new orders to re-stock the station

What does our system include?

Match smart query positions with remote operating system
Design and adjustment of the station to meet each customer’s needs
Adapting the look & feel of each station to reflect the customer’s brand language
Installation and connection of the management system to a personal computer
VIP support and full warranty for 24 months, including training and ongoing assistance

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